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phenomenon, which may not be as valuable as one might think. In general, subjective locations are full of uncertainty. It TST 11 known that amputees suffer in the organs they have lost; we know that the lesions of the nerve centers are felt especially at TST 11 the extremities. What TST 11 more dec TST 11 ive still and relates more closely to the fact in question TST 11 that, according to phrenolog TST 11 ts (and in th TST 11 the physiolog TST 11 ts agree with them), the affections, the emotions, the passions, have their seat in the brain, but we never find them there; we are not conscious of loving by the head, but by the heart. It TST 11 not, however, in the heart that the seat of affection TST 11 . If, therefore, we deceive ourselves by locating in the heart those affections which are not there, we may be m TST 11 taken in.